Free installation Quooker

Our friends at Quooker are offering a great deal! If you order a brand new Quooker Fusion in December, they will install it for free. That's a saving of €200. What a brilliant offer!

Quooker Fusion is a fantastic device, giving you cold, hot and boiling water out of one tap.

But that's not all. If you order a Quooker in December and are that weeks 10th order, you'll receive your Quooker for free.

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Barbera d’Asti - La Vigna Vecchia - Red Wine

The Cossetti family have been active in this wine region since 1891. Respecting tradition, but utilising new technology in considered doses, they have been producing distinctive wines here for many generations. In this part of Piemonte the soil is a mixture of clay and lime, perfect for sweet wines, white or ... red.

The grapes are harvested in the historic vineyard of this domain near Castelnuovo Belbo. The vines are more than 40 years old and provide a modest yield with a high fruit quality. Fermentation takes place in temperature controlled vats. By keeping the temperature low, the the characteristic properties of the Barbera grape are maintained. Maturation takes a minimum of 1 year and takes place in large oak casks with a capacity of 5000 liters. A part of the wine matures in barriques (barrels of 225 liters) that are used for one year. The wood influence remains controlled and gives the wine just that little extra complexity. After maturing the wines are assembled. In this way the beautiful characteristics in the wine come to the fore where the fruit plays a predominant role supported by the wood flavours. Large drums are used to aerate the wines very lightly and the wood has hardly any role to play.

Taste impression:
Red colour with purple impressions, a long intense aroma of red and black cherries with a gentle spiciness. The rich full flavour remains elegant with the characteristic Barbera freshness. Serve at 18 ° C.

Culinary advice:
Goes well with traditional appetizers, various white and red meat and medium-ripened semi-hard cheeses.

Buy or taste this wine? For more information visit Wijnkoperij De Gouden Ton

Hotel JL No76

A vibrant place where you feel at home!

At the centre of Amsterdam’s museum and fashion district, situated immediately behind PC Hooftstraat, this is where the magic begins. Hotel JL Nº76 - open since 2011 - welcomes both business and leisure travellers in a warm and friendly boutique atmosphere. Imagine a fountain of colours, copious prints and a contemporary art collection, handpicked by the owner Arjen van den Hof. This hotel and its city garden speak with their own voice. Each of the 39 fully-equipped rooms is a showcase. They are all furnished with COCO-Mat beds and contain unique wallpaper designed by renowned Dutch artist Barbara Broekman. Guests can visit the honesty bar to have a drink whenever they wish and feast on the attractive dishes at Restaurant JAN. Hotel JL Nº76 is a vibrant place where you will feel at home.

For more information please visit: Hotel JL No76

Hotel De Hallen

Sleep and eat in a former tram depot!

Vondel Hotels' sixth hospitality project is Hotel De Hallen, which opened in April 2014. The new hotel is situated in one of Amsterdam’s finest industrial heritage sites. The blue steel and rusty highlights of this former tram depot become an inspiration to each and every one of the guests. Imagine spacious surroundings with an abundance of plants, brought to perfection with modern and vintage furniture and design and decorated with a selection of contemporary art, handpicked by the owner Arjen van Den Hof. The modern facilities and quality of service are outstanding. Hotel De Hallen is a must see, the perfect place for a nice stay in Amsterdam and for social and corporate events. The former tram depot has been restored preserving the original elements and formed into a hotel with 55 rooms, a beautiful lobby, meeting room in boardroom set up, bar, terrace and restaurant Remise47. In this restaurant with French/International cuisine guests and locals enjoy classic and modern signature dishes, matching wines and surprising cocktails. The fashion and museum districts, Amsterdam’s breath-taking canals and the Jordaan district are all within walking distance.

Hotel De Hallen is part of a former tram depot that dates back to 1902 and is situated in Amsterdam West. Along with architect Andre van Stigt, they tried to keep elements of the former depot visible to give an industrial touch to the look and feel for the hotel. In addition to the hotel, the 2,700-square-metre De Hallen project includes a library, cinema, boutiques and covered food market.

For more information please visit: Hotel de Hallen

Hotel IX

Hotel IX is the only hotel in Amsterdam's 'negen straatjes' (9 streets). This boutique hotel comprises 5 luxury suites, each exuding a warm, homely and stylish elegance.

The hotel's special location is emphasized in the design of the suites, with each taking inspiration from one of the 9 streets. Furnishings are sourced from the trendy shops in the neighbourhood. The suites are each named after one of the 9 streets with a large black and white photo of that street adorning a feature wall.

The unique and historic surroundings ensure that Hotel IX is a special place. Not only are guests pampered, but they get to enjoy the full experience of the 9 streets with its hip restaurants, trendy shops and authentic Amsterdam spots.

Fore more info please visit Hotel IX

Iphöfer Kronsberg Scheurebe - Kabinett Trocken - white wine

Chefs Notes:
We drank this wine with Thai Style Mussels. The combination of spiciness and coconut milk brought a lovely acidity and the chilli heat brought out the light sparkle and liveliness in the wine.

Hans Wirsching winery is one of the best in Franken and certainly one of the better in Germany. There are two major key points to the area: Silvaner grape (almost 40% of plantations) and the bocksbeutel, the classic bottle of Franconia, in the characteristic shape of a buck's scrotum. The bottle is transparent for the modern, fruity wines but green, blue, brown or even black for the classic Franken wines. Besides Silvaner grapes, Riesling, Müller-Thurgau (Riesling x madeleine royale), Scheurebe, Pinot Bianco, Pinot Noir and Dornfelder are also grown. The spitzlachen of Wirsching  are located near the towns of Iphofen: Julius-Echter-Berg, Hannover and Kalb. The soil of the vineyard consists of many different of layers: Keuper gypsum, limestone, ancient sediments (from the time when large parts of Europe where below sea level), variegated sandstone, muschelkalk stone, Jura limestone and Keuper sandstone, slate, weathered stone the form of rock containing clay ... and all laced with minerals. The combination of these different soil types and microclimates provides a fascinating variety of wine styles and flavours , from elegant fruitiness to powerful minerality. The steep vineyard Iphöfer Hannover is famous for both the dark-coloured, very mineral rich Keuper soil and microclimate that allows for a very long growing season. This gives this Scheurebe wine a very personal, incomparable character, full of minerality, exotic fruit and elegance.

Taste impression:
Beautifully clear and sparkling golden-yellow. An explosive nose with aromas of grapefruit, mango, passion fruit, cassis, mint and lemon balm. Mouth-filling, big, sweet, lively and mild flavour. To serve: 10-12 ° C.

Culinary advice:
Classicly served with appetizers, especially with game terrines. Surprisingly good combined with savoury 'dim sum' and other Oriental appetizers. Beautiful with fish!

Culinary tips:

Fish en papillote served with stir-fried oriental vegetables.

Buy or taste this wine? For more information visit Wijnkoperij De Gouden Ton

Centanni - Il Borgo - White wine

The family business Centanni was founded in 2008 and is located in one of the cultural  and wine producing centers of the Marches (Marche): Montefiore dell'Aso, Ascoli Piceno. The family has always been very attached to the beautiful country, to the rhythm of the seasons and to the beauty that this region produces. Their company, the Azienda Agricola Centanni, therefore, is a daring project that connects a respectful, sustainable and organic viticulture from traditional, indigenous grape varieties with innovative techniques and artistic design. Centanni is the first winery in Marche that closes its wines with a glass stopper (Vinolok) as a guarantee of a clean, fresh and cork-free wine.

The perfectly ripe grapes are picked and brought straight to the wine cellars, ensuring that contact with oxygen is kept as low as possible. Fermentation takes place for 20 days at 10 ° C. The young wine is aged for five months in stainless steel tanks and then bottled.

Taste impression:
Straw-yellow colour. Very aromatic. Fresh, soft and delicate taste, good structure and a lively acidity.

Culinary advice:
A very versatile wine, especially with dishes featuring white meat, fish or fresh cheeses.

Buy or taste this wine? For more information visit Wijnkoperij De Gouden Ton

Featured wine: Enate - Tempranillo Joven - red wine

Enate is located in the village of Salas Bajas, in Somontano. despite the relatively young age of this winery, founded in 1991, is already one of the most prestigious wineries in Spain. The purpose of Enate is to produce high-quality and premium wines from the best grapes of Somontano, with respect for the ancient local traditions and using the latest technology. The D.O. Somontano Located in the northeast of Spain, in the province of Huesca. It is also a fairly recent D.O. (1984), but also one of the most dynamic and respected in Spain. The vineyards for this hip tinto are 550-600 meters above sea level, protected through the Pyrenees. The humidity is low, partly due to the drying effect of soft winds. The soil consists of a mixture of sand and clay, poor and water permeable. Due to the height is the difference in temperature between day and night very large, 35 ° C during the day, 17-18 ° C at night. This gives the grapes additional complexity, power and aromatic taste.

The hand-picked grapes are de-stemmed, lightly crushed and fermented in stainless steel tanks at 24 ° C. After malolactic fermentation the young wine is clarified and stabilized to maintain the youthful and fruity character

Taste impression:
Beautiful, inviting color. very aromatic, with hints of red fruit (cherries, currants, strawberries), caramel and licorice. Fresh and lively in turn, round and soft on the tongue, mouth-filling, warm and fruity, with ripe and pleasant tannins and a creamy, mild finale.

Culinary advice:
This exuberantly fruity young wine is an excellent companion for example tapas! Particularly recommended for fish or shrimp croquettes, sausages (chorizo ), Spanish spiced meatballs, (...) but also at the table with pasta, rice dishes and even grilled lamb chops or meat skewers. In short, a versatile food wine for cozy, informal moments of pleasure, alone or - even better - in a group.

Buy or taste this wine? For more information visit Wijnkoperij De Gouden Ton

Every two weeks we will be giving away a bottle of the featured wine. To stand a chance of enjoying a bottle, fill out the contact form including the name of the wine and we will let you know if you have been selected.

Quooker Fusion

A true revolution ...

The new kitchen must-have. Quooker: the tap that immediately dispenses boiling water. Tap on the worktop, tank underneath. A 100% Dutch invention taking over the world.

You can choose between a separate boiling water tap with accompanying mixer tap, or the new Quooker Fusion: a single tap for hot, cold and boiling water. Ultra-safe, super-efficient and available in eight tap designs and three finishes.

And if you thought that the Quooker was wasteful, think again: the patented high-vacuum insulation ensures that the Quooker's standby usage is just 4 euro cents a day. For even more efficiency, choose a COMBI tank, a single, amazingly economical way to produce both hot and boiling water.

No kitchen is complete without its Quooker!

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