Roasted Duck Breast with Broccoli

Duck is a protein we very often order in restaurants but don't attempt to cook ourselves. It's incredibly easy if you follow our guidelines and timing. It has a wonderful rich, earthy flavour and can be used in many different cuisines.

Serves 2

1 duck breast of 370g
4 tablespoons spelt
1 broccoli
1 clove garlic
1 red chilli
4 tablespoons olive oil
1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
salt and pepper

Preheat the oven to 180 °C. Bring 2 pots of water to the boil. Cut the broccoli into florets. Place the spelt in one of the pans boiling of water and cook gently for 15 minutes. Add salt the other pot and boil the broccoli for 1 minute. Scoop the broccoli out of the pan and plunge into a bowl with cold water (this will ensure the bright green colour is kept). Drain the spelt and set aside.

Heat a frying pan over medium-low heat. Score the fat of the duck diagonally. Be careful! Ensure that you do not cut through to the meat. Season with salt and pepper.

Fry the duck breast in a dry frying pan, skin-side down, until golden brown and crispy, about 5 minutes. Turn the duck breast and fry for a further 1 minute on the meat side. Remove from the pan and place in a roasting dish.

Pour the fat off from the frying pan and add the Worcestershire sauce and 2 tablespoons olive oil to the pan and turn off the heat. This is the sauce to serve with the duck. Place the duck in the oven and roast for about 8 minutes until pink in the centre. Set aside and allow to rest for 5 minutes.

Finley chop the garlic and chilli. Heat a frying pan with 2 tablespoons olive oil and fry the garlic and chilli quickly (don’t allow it to turn brown or else it will taste bitter). Add the drained broccoli and spelt. Frying until the ingredients are heated through. Season with salt and pepper.

Slice the duck into ½ cm pieces. Divide the broccoli and spelt between 2 plates. Lay the sliced duck on top. Spoon over the sauce and serve.



voor 2 personen

1 tamme eendenborstfilet
4 eetlepels spelt
1 broccoli
1 teen knoflook
1 rode chilipeper
4 eetlepels olijfolie
1 eetlepel Worcestershiresaus
zout en peper

Verwarm de oven voor op 180 °C. Breng 2 pannen met water aan de kook. Snijd de broccoli in stukjes. Doe de spelt in een pan en kook voor 15 minuten. Voeg zout toe aan de andere pan en kook de broccoli voor 1 minuut. Schep de broccoli uit de pan en doe het in een kom met koud water (blijft de kleur mooi). Giet de spelt af en zet opzij.

Verwarm een koekepan op medium-laag vuur. Kerf het vet van de eendenborst in diagonale vlakjes. Pas op! Kerf alleen in het vet en niet in het rode vlees. Bestrooi de eend met zout en peper.

Bak de eendenborst in een droge pan op de huidzijde  goudbruin en krokant in ongeveer  5 minuten. Draai de filet om en bak nog 1 minuut op de vleeszijde. Haal filet uit de pan en doe in het een ovenschaal.

Giet het vet uit de pan en voeg de Worcestershiresaus toe samen met 2 eetlepels olijfolie en zet het gas uit. Dit is nu de saus.  Doe de eend in de oven en rooster voor ongeveer 8 minuten totdat deze rose van binnen is. Zet opzij en laat rusten voor 5 minuten.

Hak de knoflook en chilipeper fijn. Verwarm een koekenpan met 2 eetlepels olijfolie en bak de knoflook en chili kort aan (laat het niet bruin worden anders smaakt het bitter). Voeg de afgegoten broccoli en spelt toe. Bak totdat ingredienten goed warm zijn. Breng op smaak met zout en peper.

Snijd de eend in plakjes van ½ cm. Verdeel de broccoli en spelt over 2 borden. Leg de gesneden eend er bovenop. Lepel de saus er overheen en serveer.

Apple Crumble Sundae

Even during the week, we should treat ourselves to something sweet. This quick dessert uses easy to find ingredients and will be ready in no time!

Serves 2

2 granny smith apples
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
2 tablespoons brown sugar
2 scoops vanilla ice cream
2 ginger cookies
15g butter

Peel the apples and remove the core. Cut them into 1 cm cubes.

Melt 15 g butter in a frying pan over medium heat and add the apples, cinnamon and brown sugar.

Cook gently for about 10 minutes until the apples are soft but still holding their shape.

Crush the ginger cookies.

Divide the apple mixture between 2 glasses or bowls. Spoon on a ball of ice cream and sprinkle over the crushed ginger cookies.



voor 2 personen

2 granny smith appels
1 theelepel kaneelpoeder
2 eetlepels bruine bastard suiker
2 bolletjes vanilleijs
2 gemberkoekjes
15gr boter

Schil de appels en verwijder het klokhuis. Snijd de ze in 1 cm blokjes.

Smelt de boter in een koekenpan over medium vuur en voeg de appels, kaneel en bruine bastard suiker toe.

Kook zachtjes ongeveer 10 minuten tot de appels zacht zijn maar nog steeds niet uit elkaar vallen.

Kruimel de gemberkoekjes.

Lepel het ijs over 2 glazen of kommen. Bestrooi met de koekje kruimels en lepel de warme appelmengsel er bovenop.

Food To Go 8 en 9 mei

De komende tijd kunnen soepen, hoofdgerechten, borrelplanken en andere zoetigheden bij ons besteld worden. We hebben elke week een ander aanbod. We werken met seizoensgebonden producten van o.a. Lindenhoff

Bloemkool-kokossoep € 5,00 per 500 ml

Geroosterde tomatensoep € 5,00 per 500 ml

Vitello tonatto met ansjovismayonaise en geroosterde gele bietjes € 9,50 p.p.

Witte asperges, lamsham, krieltjes, gehakte ei en dragon mayonaise (2 pers) € 16,50 p.p.

Doperwten munt ravioli met muntpesto en Parmezaan € 12,50 p.p.

Caesar Salade met ansjovisdressing en Parmezaan € 9,50 p.p.(met gerookte kip) € 2,50 extra p.p.

Karamel en kaneelmousse € 5,00 p.p.

Bestel voor 15.00 uur een dag voor ophaal dag, stuur een email naar of bel:

tel: 0617354009

Ophalen 8 of 9 mei tussen 16.00 en 18.00

Passende wijnen van onze leverancier Arisz et al.


Pinot Blanc Engel Elzas € 14,50 per fles


Homs Minervois Cuvee Paul € 14,50 per fles

Voor het weekend en moedersdag te bestellen


Scones met clotted cream en homemade jam € 2,50 p.s.

Sticky toffee met karamel € 3,50 p.s.

Brownies €3,00 p.s.

Lemon polenta (glutenvrij) € 3,50 per p.s.

Frangipane met “homemade” frambozenjam en rabarber € 3,50 p.s.

Red Velvet en Carrot Cake € 3,50 p.s.

Croissant Broodpudding €7,50 per.bakje voor 3 personen en vanillesaus (extra € 2,50)


Homemade granola € 5,00 per zakje

Boeren jong belegen kaas van Lindenhoff € 8,50 per 500gr

Boerenkaas komijn € 9,80 per 500gr

Geitenkaas Chevre Gris € 15,00 per 500gr

Boerenkaas truffel € 14,50 per 500gr

Verse Freiland eieren van Lindenhoff € 3,00 voor 6 stuks

Van Menno breekbroodjes € 4,00 (7 kleine mini breekbroodjes aan 1 stuk)

Potjes Franse fruit yoghurt € 4,50 voor 2 stuks

Prosecco € 16,50 per fles



Hollandse kazen, druiven, appel/perenstroop (2 pers) € 18,50


Coppa di parma, worstje van Brandt & Levie, stukje pate, augurkjes en radijsjes (2 pers) € 18,50

Bestel voor 15.00 uur een dag voor ophaal dag, stuur een email naar of bel:

tel: 0617354009

Ophalen 8 of 9 mei tussen 16.00 en 18.00

Waste bowl

Make sure to keep all your food waste separate. Either place it in a 'green' bin to be separated from the other garbage of if you can use it for a compost heap, even better.

Bar Fisk

Situated in a small street in Amsterdam's Pijp district, you'll find Bar Fisk. From the outside an unassuming place. Until you step inside and are transported to a busy, vibrant Tel Aviv restaurant. 

That vibrancy can be found back in the delicious food served. It's packed with gutsy flavours. The idea is to order dishes to share. We had tiger shrimp with spicy aubergine and mango sauce, slow cooked and smoked beef brisket and lastly artichoke ravioli with creamy celeriac purée. 

Desserts too were a treat - semolina cake drenched in a spiced syrup and a rich and dense chocolate and salted caramel cake served with frozen olive oil. Instead of drinking wine off their well-chosen list, we opted for a gin and tonic. Besides different g&t combinations they also serve a variety of cocktails and other drinks to cater for all tastes.

This restaurant is a great find and we will most definitely be regular visitors.

Boursin #vrijmiboursin at Amsterdam Flavours

Boursin recently hosted Friday afternoon drinks at our place. See what a fun event it turned out to be.


Bamix Hand blenders

Bamix hand blenders have proven their value over the past 50 years due to the large number of satisfied users all over the world. It's also used by the best chefs in the hospitality industry. Bamix hand blenders have an efficient and powerful motor which can easily cut and chop ingredients. The components which come into contact with food are made from stainless steel which means it won't take on any tastes and odours. The ergonomic grip and placement of the buttons makes Bamix hand blenders comfortable to operate and easy to switch on and off while processing food.

Every Bamix hand blender is multifunctional as it comes with a whisk blade, mixing blade and multi-blade. The blade is surrounded by little legs which ensures that the blades never damages your pans, glass and bowls. It's ideal for making baby food, sauce and soups. It also fits easily into larger pots and pans because of it's length. The blenders are waterproof too, which means they can easily be cleaned under running water. Each model also includes a 10 year guarantee on the motor.

- Efficient and powerful engine (from 140 to 350 Watts)
- Ergonomic grip
- Easy to clean under the tap
- A multifunctional appliance
- Can be used in any pan, bowl or glass because of the protective 'legs'
- 10 year guarantee on the motor

For more information, please visit Bamix.

200 years of Wüsthof

Wüsthof was founded 200 years ago and to mark this special occasion, they are celebrating in style!

It is not without reason that Wüsthof is a leading brand name in kitchen knives and many other accessories. Two hundred years ago, in 1814, Johann Wilhelm Wüsthof started his manufacturing business that would later grow into one of the most prominent companies in the world of kitchen knives. All Wüsthof knives feature the distinctive trident logo, which was registered as a trade mark as far back as 1895. As a symbol of design and exclusivity, it is legally protected in nearly every country in the world. Wüsthof is continuing to innovate. In a state-of-the-art factory, Wüsthof employs the latest technology to produce top-grade products. Today, Wüsthof knives are available in more than 90 countries worldwide.

Special Anniversary Knife
More than 400 employees work tirelessly day in and day out to ensure that the German city of Solingen continues to deserve the title of ‘the knife capital of the world’. Every year, more than two million knives are produced by Wüsthof. This year, they have produced a unique limited edition anniversary chef's knife which is manufactured from carbon steel and palisander wood and crafted in the traditional way. This unique knife comes festively packed in a gift box.

Amsterdam Flavours is giving away a limited edition Wüsthof 200 year anniversary chef's knife. Like and share our Facebook page and you could be the lucky winner. THE WINNER IS: Linda Weusthof. Please send your address to: Congrats and enjoy!