Levain et le vin

Levain et le vin is a new bread and wine store in the city. We say bread and wine, but it's actually much more than that. It's homemade sourdough breads and focaccia and the most amazing cinnamon buns!!

The wines sold or all natural wines, meaning that there are no additives and the process happens naturally.

They also have a cafe/coffee corner and where they serve great coffee and delicious sandwiches using their own homemade bread.

Visit Levain et le vin at Jan Pieter Heijestraat 168, Amsterdam


Waste bowl

Make sure to keep all your food waste separate. Either place it in a 'green' bin to be separated from the other garbage of if you can use it for a compost heap, even better.

Spanish cooking workshop

As many of your may know, we focus on as many different culinary aspects as possible. And that includes cooking workshops.

We have a set list of tried and tested cooking workshops including World Tapas, Indian and Italian.

We recently hosted a Spanish cooking workshop and recreated an array of authentic Spanish dishes.

If you are interested in following a cooking workshop with a group, please contact us. Cooking workshops start from a minimum of 8 participants.

"Homemade" marinated olives

To make a great quick to go with wine or drinks, take some good quality olives and mix them together with extra virgin olive oil, a split chilli pepper, a sprig each of fresh thyme and rosemary, a smashed garlic clove, lemon and orange rind a bay leaf.

Leave to marinade in the fridge overnight and serve in a bowl.

These keep well in the fridge for a couple of weeks, but make sure that the olives and flavourings are all covered in olive oil.

Friese Palingroker

Down the lengths and breadths of the Amsterdam Canals, cruises a man selling his wares. Bas Oosterbaan, aka de Friese Palingroker (Eel smoker from Friesland) is a colourful, passionate and genuine character who exudes warmth and excitement for what he does.

From his tiny boat, which is more equipped than you think, he sells his extraordinary home-smoked products. It naturally started with eel, which he is most famous for. It's delicate in flavour, not over seasoned or smoked.

Then there's cured and smoked gravadlax, hot smoked salmon, smoked goose breast, rilette (pulled goose) and confined goose leg.

Certainly a man of many talents. Look out for him on the Amsterdam Canals every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.