Bamix Hand blenders

Bamix hand blenders have proven their value over the past 50 years due to the large number of satisfied users all over the world. It’s also used by the best chefs in the hospitality industry. Bamix hand blenders have an efficient and powerful motor which can easily cut and chop ingredients. The components which come into contact with food are made from stainless steel which means it won’t take on any tastes and odours. The ergonomic grip and placement of the buttons makes Bamix hand blenders comfortable to operate and easy to switch on and off while processing food.

Every Bamix hand blender is multifunctional as it comes with a whisk blade, mixing blade and multi-blade. The blade is surrounded by little legs which ensures that the blades never damages your pans, glass and bowls. It’s ideal for making baby food, sauce and soups. It also fits easily into larger pots and pans because of it’s length. The blenders are waterproof too, which means they can easily be cleaned under running water. Each model also includes a 10 year guarantee on the motor.

– Efficient and powerful engine (from 140 to 350 Watts)
– Ergonomic grip
– Easy to clean under the tap
– A multifunctional appliance
– Can be used in any pan, bowl or glass because of the protective ‘legs’
– 10 year guarantee on the motor

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