We Love Beef

We Love Beef shows how versatile beef is and how we should be using all of it from nose to tail.

In this book, two of Hollands most well known chefs, Alain Caron, known to most as a judge on the Dutch Masterchef and Richard van Oostenbrugge, excutive chef at restaurant Bord'eau at Amsterdam's De L'Europe Hotel have travelled to England to discover beef of superb quality and what can be done with it.

Each chapter in the book covers different sections of beef, for example the forequarter, hindquarter and offal. Why it's so useful is that special attention needs to be paid to the specific cuts when it comes to the cooking methods applied.

A brilliant addition to the book is the beef A-Z, with detailed information on the different cuts, their uses and cooking methods to achieve the best results.

Each chef has filled the book with personal recipes in each chapter.  There is a wonderful range of home-style and restaurant-style recipes.

A great book which will introduce readers and cooks to new ways with beef.

Publisher: Carrera Culinair

Authors: Alain Caron & Richard van Oostenbrugge

Price: 25,00 euro