Juice Brothers

On a recent trip to London, we were amazed at the number of juice bars and stores around the city. It's a hype at the moment and growing at an incredible rate.

Amsterdam has not been left behind. We discovered Juice Brothers, which opened about a month and a half ago. Situated on the van Woustraat in the Pijp district, they're all about vegan, organic, raw and cold-pressed.

Cold-pressed juices are said to be better because fruits and vegetables are shredded and hydraulically pressed, with minimal generation of heat and thus minimum oxidation. Heat kills many of the vitamins, minerals and live enzymes you think you’re getting when consuming other “healthy” juices. The cold-press method allows enzymes to stay alive, resulting in juice with maximum nutrients.

Besides offering juices made up of interesting and delicious combinations, they also offer smoothies to order, breakfasts, salads and raw food.

It's fresh, clean and minimalist interior works well, allowing their juices and smoothies to take centre stage.

We're sure that there will be more of their stores popping up soon.

Blend it to the Max - The Magimix Blender

A kitchen appliance we cannot live without. Our Magmix blender makes blending easier than ever before.

It's automatic pre-set functions for soups, smoothies, frozen desserts and crushed ice ensure you don’t have to muddle through confusing settings: simply press a button and you’re on your way to delicious, healthy snacks and meals. There is also a pulse setting for extra control.

This powerful and quiet machine uses the exclusive BlenderMix system for a finer blend. The heat-resistant glass jug has a watertight lid and pouring lip for complete ease of use.

A large 1.8L capacity provides plenty of space, and thanks to a 1200W output it won’t be long until you, just like us, enjoy the fruits of your culinary labour! The handy spatula helps you get every last drop out of this blender, and you can creatively experiment using the included recipe book or from our recipes on the side.

Come and visit us from June at the Westergasfabriek and test the blender and other Magimix appliances out for yourself. As one of our prestigious partners, we'll be using Magimix appliances in our brand new kitchen.

Here are a few of our recipes using the Magimix blender:
Kale smoothie
Green Smoothie
Blackberry Smoothie
Pea and Mint Soup
Roasted Pumpkin and Dukkah Soup