Het Weekend van de Rollende Keukens

This year, as in previous years, sees a new edition of Het Weekend van de Rollende Keukens - a 5 day festival of food trucks, music and fun.

Taking place at The Westergasfabriek, this festival brings together a myriad of food trucks serving an eclectic mix of different styles of food from around the world. There has been an worldwide explosion in the popularity of food trucks and street food and Holland has been no exception.

The festival has however been a victim of it's own success, drawing huge crowds and making it at times difficult to see what's happening and get some food. But, that shouldn't put you off. As long as the weather's good, there's no better way to spend a day or evening out with friends.

The festival runs from Wednesday 13th May until Sunday 17th May 2015. We hope to see you there!

Reizende Sterren

Street food is becoming ever more popular and more accessible. Reizende Sterren (Rising Stars) is a book documenting the growing number of mobile kitchens and food trucks in the Netherlands.

The chapters begin by telling the story behind each of the talented and passionate entrepreneurs; their reasons for choosing to do what they have.

Each featured kitchen has supllied a recipe for their signature dish, so you cooking some delicious street food at home.

Think, slow-cooked pork belly with cauliflower cream,puffed quinoa and mustard oil from Smokey Goodness or The Thriller Burger from the Thrill Grill.

This book is ideal for those who love fast food with a twist!


Publisher: Uitgeverij Komma

Author: Monica Abdoel

Price: 29,95 euro