Food Revolution Day 2015

We are supporting Jamie Oliver this Friday 15th May in fighting for food education because we believe that children have the right to know where their food comes from and how it should be prepared. In this way they can make informed choices that lead to a healthy lifestyle. So please sign his petition, share it and spread the word.

A few years ago, Mischa partook in a similar project here in Holland encouraging children to lead a healthy and active life.

Here is an easy recipe using fresh fruit of the season to make with your kids. Let this be a basis from which to expand and get their friends and classmates involved!

7 raspberries
7 hulled strawberries
7 tangerines segments
7 cubes peeled mangoes
7 peeled pineapples chunks
7 peeled kiwi fruit chunks
7 green grapes
7 red grapes
2 blueberries

Take 7 wooden skewers and thread the following fruit onto each – 1 raspberry, 1 hulled strawberry, 1 tangerine segment, 1 cube of peeled mango, 1 chunk of peeled pineapple, 1 chunk of peeled kiwi, 1 green and 1 red grape, and finish off with 2 blueberries. Arrange in a rainbow shape and let everyone help themselves.