Le Salonard

Le Salonard is a culinary paradise in De Pijp. Housing a selection of wines, cheeses, pastries, charcuterie and other delicacies from around Europe, it's all one could ask for for the prefect night in.

There is also a small seated area where you can order a selection of sandwiches and salads.

In our opinion, it's the perfect recipe for the weekend. Buying a selection of their beautiful cheeses and charcuterie, pairing it with a wonderful bottle of wine and ending off with their heavenly looking brownies.

For more information, please visit Le Salonard.

The Kaaskamer

De Kaaskamer is a paradise for any cheese lover or visitor to Amsterdam. In this small and unique store situated in the 9 straatjes (9 streets), they are always searching  for the best cheeses, from here in Holland and from the rest of Europe. Cheeses are selected based on flavour, craftsmanship and tradition.

The shop not only offers 300-400 different cheeses, but also home made salad dressings, salamis from around Europe and an array of different olives.

Cheeses are also available via their webshop, so you can order in the comfort of your own home. However, there is nothing like tasting the cheese for yourself. Visit their shop where they will be happy to vacuum pack cheese for you take take home and enjoy.

For more information please visit De Kaaskamer.


Caulils delicatessen & catering is the place in Amsterdam for the conscience connoisseur.

They stand for pure, refined and responsible ingredients.

All their products have been selected with passion and care, with a sincere love for food. They sell fantastic raw-milk cheeses, various meats, unique wines and many other desirable ingredients.

They also offer a catering service ranging from breakfast and high tea to dinners and parties.

For more information please visit Caulils.


Brandt & Levie sausages

Jiri, Geert and Samuel are the young master sausage makers that make up Brandt & Levie.

The three friends, with a passion for good food, travelled to Italy to learn how to make sausages. They brought their expertise back and are now sharing their knowledge and their delicious sausages with others here in Holland.

They create incredible fresh and dried sausages, available in many good stores and restaurants across Amsterdam.

Their dried sausages and ham make the perfect charcuterie platters to serve with drinks or at the beginning of a meal.

We have to warn you though - their sausages, both fresh and dried and coppa are dangerously delicious and should be supplied with an addiction warning. They are that good! But I'm sure many of you know that already.

For more information please visit Brandt & Levie

Brandt & Levie sausages are also available at Bilder & De Clercq