Restaurant As

As loves pure cooking

Restaurant As is situated in the former St Nicolaas Chapel (designed by architect Lau Peters in 1962) on the edge of the Beatrixpark in Amsterdam. As represents pure cooking. Demonstrating in a respectful manner, that one organism dies to keep another alive. We serve an appealing range of dishes, largely shaped by nature. Seasonal and climatic changes determine what’s on the menu.


Our taste-buds are numbed under the influence of food-multinationals. Everything contains sugar, everything tastes similar. Restaurant As works with authentic, full-flavored ingredients supplied by local retailers who share our thoughts on taste, quality and sustainability.

Our kitchen

Our kitchen is directly connected to the outdoors, and so is our cooking. The weather determines our culinary course of action. Indian summer? Samba. Brass monkey weather? Braising. We cook on the open fire in our wood oven, and prepare the dishes on the stone workbench in plain view. We apply time-honored cooking methods like curing, smoking and pickling. Our freshly baked sourdough-bread completes the scene.

Make a reservation at or call +31 20 6440100.

Photography: Jochem van Grunsven