The fish bible (visbijbel) by Bart van Olphen

The Fish Bible by Bart van Olphen is a fantastic guide to fish and seafood. The book details the different varieties of fish, the seasons and their preparations.

We particularly like the step-by-step guide to the recipes. We tested one of the recipes out by inviting one of our friends to cook. We decided on the fried sole to see if it worked as explained in the book. The method and guide were easy to follow and worked as said in the book. The dish was clean, simple and delicious, as we had hoped.

Bart is one of Holland's foremost experts on fish. Besides advising, hosting cooking workshops and catering, he also has a product range under the name Fishes. We are fans of his Instagram cooking videos under the name @bartsfishtales.

Publisher: Carrera Culinair

Author: Bart van Olphen

Price: 29,95 euro