Fresh Herbs and Spices and the Noordemarkt

Saturday's are one of our favourite days of the week. After a slow start, there is nothing better than to wonder the small streets of the Jordaan and head over to the bustling Noordemarkt.

We've spoken before about the array of ingredients on offer. But, with the cold wintery weather, we are going to get some fresh herbs to make a big batch of soul-warming chicken soup and the best harissa you will ever taste!

There are beautiful bundels of soup herbs that you can buy to add to your pan of steaming goodness. They also make the most amazing table decorations if you're hosting a dinner. Another thing we're also going to be getting, which you don't see too often and will be the prefect addition to our soup is lovage (maggi in Dutch). It comes in herb and root form and is similar in flavour to celery. We'll put some of the leaves and the peeled root into the soup, but the root is also perfect grated into salads.

So if you're going to do groceries today, maybe add a few of these items to your list. Wishing you all a delicious weekend. Happy eating!



The Noordermarkt situated in the Jordaan district is a must-see if you have a free Saturday morning. Buzzing with tourists and locals alike, the range and quality of produce on offer is some of the best you will find in Amsterdam. You'll find bread, bundles of fresh herbs, fruit, seafood, cheese and mushrooms. Most of the produce is organic and a trip to the market is highly recommended. The market starts at around 9:30 and ends around 16:00. It's advisable to get there early as it fills up quickly.