Brandt & Levie sausages

Jiri, Geert and Samuel are the young master sausage makers that make up Brandt & Levie.

The three friends, with a passion for good food, travelled to Italy to learn how to make sausages. They brought their expertise back and are now sharing their knowledge and their delicious sausages with others here in Holland.

They create incredible fresh and dried sausages, available in many good stores and restaurants across Amsterdam.

Their dried sausages and ham make the perfect charcuterie platters to serve with drinks or at the beginning of a meal.

We have to warn you though - their sausages, both fresh and dried and coppa are dangerously delicious and should be supplied with an addiction warning. They are that good! But I'm sure many of you know that already.

For more information please visit Brandt & Levie

Brandt & Levie sausages are also available at Bilder & De Clercq