Founded in 2013, Dutchdeluxes is a design label based in the creative heart of the Dutch design city Eindhoven.

Driven by passion and fun, it brings extraordinary crafted ‘handmade in Holland’ food platters, bread boards and amazing aprons to the market. Classical elements are combined with sleek shapes in an innovative way.

The use of primary colours is fundamental for its design. Next to the range ‘Fashionable kitchen stuff & tableware’ the company is known for its collection ‘Incredible Interior Stuff’, 'Le Chique Bath furniture’ and ‘Just Good Side tables’.

We love the sleek simplicity and eye-catching design of our DutchDeluxes bread boards. Not only are they a novel wat for serving bread, but canapés work just as well for a cocktail party. Their size ensures that they look impressive and you don't constantly have to refill them, you'll always get enough canapés on.

For more information visit www.dutchdeluxes.com.

If you would like to spoil yourself with DutchDeluxe items, they're available at Baden Baden Interior in Amsterdam.

Flavours of the Neighbourfood Market - August 2014

The great thing about having a free Sunday is having the time to do things you love.

A free day, coupled with good weather calls for a trip to The Sunday Market at the Westergasfabriek.

There were so many wonderful things to taste that day. These were our favourites:

Coconut Macaroons
These coconut macarons are deliciously nutty and light, naturally flavoured or with chilli and lime or chocolate. We bet these will be the next big thing!

Coffee Jam
Two of our favourite breakfast ingredients combined into one. Your morning toast will never be the same again.

Tomato Truffle Ketchup
This is the most posh ketchup we've ever tasted. No more Tommy K on the side of your plate, this sauce rouge ave truffe is the new accompaniment.

Gkazas Olive Oil
This fantastic Greek olive oil is perfect for dressing or just on it's own. A welcome addition to our store cupboard.

Pulled Pork Sandwich
Shredded pork, cooked for hours until meltingly tender served on a roll. Sublime Sunday tucker.

Wooden boards
Beautiful boards, all artisan made and 100% recycled wood. Because of the diverse woods and the natural forms every board is unique and can be used for every opportunity. Broodplankenzo have a lot of boards to offer, for private use or a great present.

The Neighbourfood market is held on the first Sunday of every month, so get down there.

For more information please visit Neighbourfood Market.