Founded in 2013, Dutchdeluxes is a design label based in the creative heart of the Dutch design city Eindhoven.

Driven by passion and fun, it brings extraordinary crafted ‘handmade in Holland’ food platters, bread boards and amazing aprons to the market. Classical elements are combined with sleek shapes in an innovative way.

The use of primary colours is fundamental for its design. Next to the range ‘Fashionable kitchen stuff & tableware’ the company is known for its collection ‘Incredible Interior Stuff’, 'Le Chique Bath furniture’ and ‘Just Good Side tables’.

We love the sleek simplicity and eye-catching design of our DutchDeluxes bread boards. Not only are they a novel wat for serving bread, but canapés work just as well for a cocktail party. Their size ensures that they look impressive and you don't constantly have to refill them, you'll always get enough canapés on.

For more information visit www.dutchdeluxes.com.

If you would like to spoil yourself with DutchDeluxe items, they're available at Baden Baden Interior in Amsterdam.