Cichi Dining Experience

Cichi Dining Experience is a young company that rents out beautiful design tableware for special dinners. Cilia de Cock, founder and owner of Cichi, likes to bring quality, personality and an international twist to the table. Plates that you would like at home, with brands like Broste Copenhagen, Steelite Craft Blue, &Klevering, Van Verre or Ottomania, and Catchii. They all have one thing in common, they express a personal style, make your dishes stand out and create an atmosphere to appreciate the moment. You can rent items per piece at Cichi, or have them make up your entire table. And if you fall in love with the products, you can buy them too.

We use tableware from Cichi in our space. It perfectly complements our surroundings and interior.

Have a look at Cichi's different collections.