Faralda NDSM Crane Hotel Amsterdam

The exclusive Faralda NDSM Crane Hotel Amsterdam is located at the top of a former industrial monumental crane in one of the city’s most creative neighbourhoods. Located directly on the water in the heart of Amsterdam, the surrounding area has a vibrancy and energy uniquely its own.

The Faralda NDSM Crane Hotel fits perfectly in this Amsterdam creative hotspot. Not only does it offer a unique and exclusive experience for its guests – including a jacuzzi located on the roof – it will also host the Faralda Production Company. In cooperation with Dutchview, Faralda facilitates film, TV, music, media and festival events.

The iconic 50-metre high crane was recently dismantled and has undergone a major renovation. It returned this year to start it’s second life as a brand new luxury hotspot in Amsterdam.

The top of the crane houses 3 high‐end contemporary design suites. An international team is responsible for the in‐ & exterior design. A jacuzzi is situated on top in the open air, 50 meters high (with splendid views of the city and the IJ river). High above the city, the crane slowly turns in the wind. Guests will experience an exceptional night.

There is even the possibility to Bungee Jump. You can enjoy the amazing view, but you will thrown you down after half an hour! You can bring up to one extra person for recording a video. The spectacular rope jump has a swing of at least 90 metres and a free fall of tens of metres.

There is private car park, a private pier and boat service. If arriving with a Private Jet at Schiphol Airport Amsterdam, part of our service, VIP transport from Schiphol Oost can be arranged by the Faralda Crane Hotel Amsterdam (20 minutes).

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