A Rainbow of Le Creuset Pans

Colour in the kitchen is the trend of 2015 and Le Creuset is fully embracing it. After the successful introduction of numerous accessories in bright colours, the rainbow has now cast it’s colours over the cast iron range. The French manufacturer has introduced the roasting and casserole pans in no less than 15 different colours. In addition, ’the icon’ has also undergone a re-styling; thanks to new insights and technology, the handles, lid and interior have been improved.

Own site
The renewed pans have even been given their own site. On www.mijnnieuwelecreuset.nl you can read all about the new colours, design and recipes. For those who cannot choose between the 15 colours, there is a special colour test. That way, you can find out exactly which colour suits you!

Blue = powerful, red = sexy, pink = seductive, bold = green, yellow = vivant and orange = experienced

High Quality
Le Creuset cast iron has been been known for it’s high quality and durability for 90 years. Where possible, the manufacturer adjusts the pans to suit modern times and the demands of users. Thus a new, stronger enamel on the inside makes the pan even more resistant to food acids, scratches, thermal shocks and is easier to clean. The braising / stewing pans have ergonomic handles that are 45% larger than the previous ones ensuring a better grip. The lid design has also been adjusted so that it fits better and the food retains more juices and flavour. The stainless steel handle is heat-resistant and ergonomic.

All Heat Sources
Le Creuset cast iron is suitable for any heat source (even induction). In addition, the cast iron is 100% recyclable and energy efficient, thus better for our planet. The cast iron pans, grills and trays come with a life long manufacturer’s warranty.

Le Creuset products are available at better department stores, cooking and household stores. For more information visit the web shop: www.lecreuset.nl