Leica T

Good photos are an extremely important part of our website. They should be sharp, clear, naturally-coloured and be inviting enough that you, our reader, would want to cook our recipes or visit the places we do.

When we were searching for a camera, we had only one brand in mind. Leica, is known for their superb quality, beautiful design and practicality. We were overjoyed when they joined us as a partner. All our photos for Amsterdam Flavours are taken using a Leica T camera.

It’s made of a light but robust sleek aluminium body which is small enough to carry around with you and fit into any bag. Despite it’s small size, it’s big on functionality. It’s packed with capabilities like wifi and a built in 16 GB memory. It’s 16,5 megapixel ensures sharp and clear results, which are easily viewed on the large touch screen.

For us, it’s the lenses that make all the difference. We believe Leica’s lenses to be the best and they always help us achieve the shot we want.

As we continue to grow Amsterdam Flavours, we look forward to seeing what else we can achieve with our Leica T.

For more information, please visit Leica.