De Foodhallen

De Foodhallen, Amsterdam’s brand new and first permanent indoor market, is open. With it’s bustling and vibey atmosphere, this is definitely the place to be seen.

Housed in an old tram depot in Amsterdam West, the Hallen and Foodhallen have been stunningly renovated and preserved.

We visited on a Saturday morning and had the privilege of first visiting the Local Goods Market. We tasted and we talked. We love the passion and enthusiasm these small local producers have for their products and we discovered some really fantastic new things. We’ll be giving the ones really liked more attention in coming columns.

De Foodhallen itself is a melting pot of deliciousness; a culinary journey round the world. There is something on offer for everyone – hotdogs, hamburgers, Vietnamese, Turkish, Spanish and of course, home-grown Dutch.

The idea is a simple one. Choose what you want to eat from one of the many Artisan kitchens, grab a drink and a table in the middle of the hall and enjoy. We didn’t get a chance to taste everything, so we will be going back to try some more and write about them in more detail.

We do hope, however, that they add a permanent market like one sees in Southern Europe selling vegetables, meats. etc. That would really be the icing on the cake.

For more information please visit Foodhallen