Asparagus season has officially started for this year! And we’re so pleased, as asparagus are one of our favourite vegetables. They’re incredibly versatile as they can be blanched, grilled, roasted and when thinly shaved, even served raw.

How do you best store and clean asparagus?
In the refrigerator asparagus have a shelf life of about 7 days, in a damp tea towel (to prevent drying out) it’s 1 to 3 days. Asparagus can also be frozen. Before freezing, the asparagus should be washed and peeled (there is no need to blanche them). When you want to use the asparagus, place them straight from the freezer into a pan of boiling water.

To give you some inspiration, here are 2 of our recipes using asparagus. Go out and get some now!

Green Salad

Asparagus and Turnip Greens Pasta