A wedding is an extraordinary day in every way, and Amsterdam Flavours will help you make it a perfect one. We can provide complete catering: from the early-morning breakfast with the family to the late-evening snacks at the party afterwards. We are experienced with the business of planning weddings. We’ll discuss all the details of the wedding ceremony, reception, dinner, and party with the bridal couple. In addition to the catering, we’re happy to take care of any other things like attire and furnishings, styling, music, suitable locations, and tents. Without any ‘pushing’ on our part, we’re happy to make you an offer that fits your unique event, and accommodate all of your wishes, to ensure that your wedding is a loving, unforgettable occasion!



We take pride in providing diverse forms of catering within our unique surroundings at the Westergas Terrain, as well as other locations of your choice.
In addition to celebrations like weddings and graduations, events like product presentations or company cocktail parties, and more, we also organise more discreet and intimate rituals, such as a final farewell to honor a loved one. We will work closely with you to create a pleasant, memorable occasion for family and friends. The privacy we can provide you at our own location can make a difference: with space, new perspectives, and closure.