Featured wine: Enate - Tempranillo Joven - red wine

Enate is located in the village of Salas Bajas, in Somontano. despite the relatively young age of this winery, founded in 1991, is already one of the most prestigious wineries in Spain. The purpose of Enate is to produce high-quality and premium wines from the best grapes of Somontano, with respect for the ancient local traditions and using the latest technology. The D.O. Somontano Located in the northeast of Spain, in the province of Huesca. It is also a fairly recent D.O. (1984), but also one of the most dynamic and respected in Spain. The vineyards for this hip tinto are 550-600 meters above sea level, protected through the Pyrenees. The humidity is low, partly due to the drying effect of soft winds. The soil consists of a mixture of sand and clay, poor and water permeable. Due to the height is the difference in temperature between day and night very large, 35 ° C during the day, 17-18 ° C at night. This gives the grapes additional complexity, power and aromatic taste.

The hand-picked grapes are de-stemmed, lightly crushed and fermented in stainless steel tanks at 24 ° C. After malolactic fermentation the young wine is clarified and stabilized to maintain the youthful and fruity character

Taste impression:
Beautiful, inviting color. very aromatic, with hints of red fruit (cherries, currants, strawberries), caramel and licorice. Fresh and lively in turn, round and soft on the tongue, mouth-filling, warm and fruity, with ripe and pleasant tannins and a creamy, mild finale.

Culinary advice:
This exuberantly fruity young wine is an excellent companion for example tapas! Particularly recommended for fish or shrimp croquettes, sausages (chorizo ), Spanish spiced meatballs, (...) but also at the table with pasta, rice dishes and even grilled lamb chops or meat skewers. In short, a versatile food wine for cozy, informal moments of pleasure, alone or - even better - in a group.

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Corette - Chardonnay 2013 - White wine

Corette Chardonnay comes largely from high altitude (400 meters) of vineyards situated at the foot of the Cévennes and from the region of Limoux. The different soil types in this region provide typical accents. The clay and limestone in the vicinity of the Cévennes give the wine a freshness that is very popular. The rich stony clay on the plains of Béziers ensures rich, round wines. And the clay and limestone soils of Carcassonne gives the wine properly fruity notes. The relatively cool climate makes for elegant fresh wines.

According to a Burgundian family recipe 35% of the Chardonnay grapes are fermented and raised in oak barrels. Fermentation takes about three weeks. Then follows the nine-month long education on wood. The remaining wine is fermented at 18-20 ° C in stainless steel tanks for the pure fruit flavors. For bottling both types of wine (wood and stainless steel) merged.

The wine has a beautiful golden yellow color and gives off aromas of both fresh fruit (pear and green apple) and nuts. The taste is elegant and mouth-filling. The aromatic finale contains subtle flavors of apricot, vanilla and oak.

Excellent wine for the aperitif. At the table blends well with shellfish, seafood, poultry, pasta and ripe, creamy witschimmelkazen.

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Villa Wolf - Pinot Noir - Red wine

The wine:
Villa Wolf Pinot Noir is warm and medium-bodied, with a firm acid structure. Its dark cherry fruit is juicy, ripe, and forward, with a spicy mid-palate. Six months of barrique aging gives the wine a smoky depth and a nice touch of earthy tannins. This is a very grown-up Pinot Noir for the price, and it’s another excellent wine for everyday dining.

Culinary advice:
Perfect with various poultry like grouse, chicken and duck. Also good with veal with a variety of wild mushrooms. And off course a wonderful Boeuf Bourguignon.

The estate:
Founded in 1756, in the Pfalz region of Germany, the J.L. Wolf estate (now called Villa Wolf) was a successful and highly regarded winery for more than two centuries. It entered an especially glamorous era with the construction of its Italianate estate house and villa in 1843.

Since 2011, the estate has been managed by a talented and dedicated young couple who met while working at Dr. Loosen. Patrick Moellendorf and Sumi Gebauer have brought renewed energy and focus to the viticulture and winemaking at Villa Wolf.

The goal at Villa Wolf is to produce wines that express the pure, authentic terroir of the Pfalz. Made in the classic style of the Pfalz, Villa Wolf Rieslings are drier and more full-bodied than Mosel Rieslings, with fully ripe fruit flavors and a characteristic stoniness in the aroma.

The Pfalz region also has a long tradition with other grape varieties, allowing Ernst and his team to expand their winemaking palette to include Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Gewürztraminer and Dornfelder. To preserve the naturally high quality of the vineyards, we employ sustainable viticultural practices and emphasize gentle handling of the fruit through traditional, minimalist winemaking.

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Wijnkoperij De Gouden Ton (Wine shop)

In November, it will be 22 years since Fonger Kranenburg opened his beautiful shop on the Willemsparkweg 158. Being a former butchery, the shop retains many original features, such as hooks in the ceiling and the characteristic office. The cellar has also been incorporated into the shop; designed as a tasting room housing a superb selection of fine wines. In April 2013, De Gouden Ton opened a beautiful wine shop in the Oude Dorp (Old Town) of Amstelveen.

Wijnkoperij De Gouden Ton prides itself on the wide selection of wines across all price ranges. Quality is the most the most important factor. Wines range from classic, well known labels, to tiny local discoveries. One of the most important conditions is that wines are produced with respect for nature. Magnificent Riedel crystal glasses and carafes complete the selection on offer. In the Amsterdam store, one will also find a specialized distilled range, including whiskeys, rums and gin.

Furthermore, their professional staff are always available to help customers with advice on the prefect wine choice.

Special events are regularly organised in both stores. For example, 'open bottle evenings', tastings and wine makers dinners. Visit the website of Wijnkoperij De Gouden Ton and the Facebook page to keep up-to-date.

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